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 About Us 

The Whistleblowing Investigations & Debrief Group.


We offer our clients a unique skill set.  We are vastly experienced at the highest echelons of investigations and expertise.

Our training courses are based on methodologies that have proved successful in numerous investigations and withstood the rigours of judicial scrutiny.

All our initial consultations are free, we will always give you an honest answer to your questions and  ensure discretion in all matters.


Liam Ennis.


Liam Ennis is a founder and director of The Debrief Group, an organisation focused on the delivery of professional, transparent investigations. Liam has over 30 years policing experience, investigating the most complex and serious crimes. His skills and expertise has been recognised and commended by National and International Law Enforcement Agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) and An Garda Siochana. Liam understands the real difficulties and fears victims and whistleblowers face when speaking out against wrongdoing.  He is passionate in ensuring those charges with investigating such wrongdoings have the necessary skills and processes in place to conduct impartial and professional investigations. He recognises the real difficulty faced by Organisations in dealing with this complex and difficult area of business. Liam developed the only recognised UK Whistleblowing Investigative Management training course. The course is an endorsed provision accredited by Training Qualifications UK.  

Liam’s clients include, The UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)

Transparency International Ireland and The Jamaican Major Organised Crime and Corruption Agency (MOCA)


Ian Slade

Ian is an expert in debriefing and an experienced detective having served for 35 years in the Metropolitan Police, National Crime Squad, Serious Organised Crime Agency and National Crime Agency. Ian managed both the SOCA and the NCA Debrief teams and conducted evidential and intelligence debriefs across the UK and abroad.



He has been commended for his management of debriefs by the Director General of SOCA, Chief Constable of Essex Police and judges at Woolwich and Canterbury Crown Courts. Ian developed the training for Assisting Offender Debriefing, the basis of which remains the foundation for the current College of Policing course. 

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